Monday, 27 October 2008

Psychometric Tests

In preparation for applying for jobs I got a book out of the library on psychometric tests - describing the purpose and style of the different types of test used by employers when they recruit staff.

In general I would say that I am not a 'visual person'. Whilst I may notice the animals and plants around me more than most people I am generally quite unaware of my surroundings. I can rarely remember the type of cars my family own, let alone their license plate numbers. I never know what eye colour people have (though I do try to look people in the eye when I talk to them) etc.

Of the type of questions that come up in IQ type tests the ones I struggle with the most are usually visual. This is an example from my book. Please can somebody help me understand how to do these...

Neither Ian (a visual person) nor Mum (very good at puzzles in general) can do it either. I've put the answer in a comment to this blog and would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain how to get it. Thank you!