Thursday, 10 April 2008

Mr Bun the baker

With the addition of some large shelves to the left of the fireplace in the lounge I have been able to display my favourite childrens books for the first time in many years. These include the Brian Jacques Redwall series, books by Colin Dann, Dick King Smith and a few other odd ones. A couple of days ago I decided to reread 'the rectory mice' and was amused to find a reference to the happy families card game and Mr bun the baker.

I spent many happy times playing happy families in my grandparents lounge. Having looked the card game up on Wikipedia I've found that there were many versions, with different families, but some of the other families I remember are Chop, the Butcher, and Sole, the Fisherman/Fishmonger?

Unfortunately I can't find a picture on the internet of the set we used to have, but the daily mail has made a set for the modern age, which is similar in style to the cards that we had.


Scriptor Senex said...

I think the set is in the loft - I'll see if I can dig it out next time I venture up there!

Bryony said...

Last time I saw these was at Yew Tree but I have to add that I'm sure the Baker's surname was Dough not Bun. The Sole family's cards were pale blue, the Chop family's were pink. I think there was also Mr Pint the milkman, Mr Pill (?Dr or chemist) and Mr Stitch the Tailor. Just in case anyone cares!