Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Beginners Russian

It’s only December 19th and as usual I’ve already thought of a million things I want to do or learn over the Christmas period. This year it includes learning statistics (not a simple matter, the 6 months of courses that I took in the past having failed to sink in), revising the last term of a German course in preparation for the new year, reading half a dozen books, writing 2 papers...

To add to this I bought a book on beginners Russian today (the new penguin complete course for beginners). I’ve been wanting to learn Russian for a couple of years now and Ian and I made a good attempt at learning the alphabet last March, but have progressed little since (although da and nyet can be heard in our house every day). I really like this book as it has lots of example passages in Russian, including sections from Russian novels and maps of Moscow city centre, places in Russia etc.

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