Friday, 14 December 2007

DVD Regions

Every time I buy a DVD online I have to check which region it can be played in. This would be a lot quicker if I could remember which region is which. Now most sensibly I would have attempted to remember that all I really care about is the European region 2 (of course the US had to be region 1). Unfortunately every time I check the map I attempt to learn all the regions (under the assumption that this greater understanding will lead me never to forget). Instead this leads me to be entirely confused (why are Egypt and south Africa not in the african region, for example??) and causes me to forget the simple important fact that 99% of the people I buy for need region 2.

As an alternative solution my family could always check that they've got the right region before they add a DVD to their amazon wish lists. Do you do this already?? I know I've got it wrong in the past.


Graham said...

Well, unlike your Dad, I thought the Wombles were wonderful. Apart from the fact that I could actually understand the words and sing the tune, they kept the children quiet in the car. Learning the Wombles by heart was preferable to unhappy children. I once knew the tapes (remember tapes?) of The War of the Worlds off by heart too! Perhaps that's a bit too long for a Blog entry.

Mark said...

I have an easier solution than trying to remember which region is which -- I bought a region free DVD player that will play virtual anything you throw at it!